Whalebe Token And Whalebe NFT— A Brief Introduction

Whale be
2 min readNov 14, 2021


Whalebe Token

Whalebe Token ($WLB) is the native utility token of Whalebe — Community Driven Project. Whalebe — Community Driven Project leverages $WLB as the primary means to govern and develop the projects. The holder of $WLB has the right in every decision making. Whalebe Token ($WLB) act as the reserve currency in the Whalebe ecosystem.

Bellow are some of the use cases of the Whalebe Token ($WLB)

  • To bootstrap engagement on Whalebe ecosystem
  • Whalebe Token ($WLB) is the basis for governance in the Whalebe ecosystem. The user who owns Whalebe Token ($WLB) can propose and vote for amendments that affect the platform’s.
  • To sponsor/tip a user developing and contributing on Whalebe ecosystem
  • To fundraise for projects hosted on Whalebe ecosyetm

Whalebe NFT

Whalebe is a collection of 2500 unique digital arts stored on the Solana Blockchain. Whalebe was created with the aim of making its holders realize their power, increase self-awareness, and proud of their achievements.

Holder Benefits :

Rally around your favorite communities and discover other stakeholders like you. Participate in high-quality discussions about exciting blockchain projects and connect with like-minded crypto enthusiasts! and invest on exclusive blockchain projects

Social Status
In facts a holistic view of reality, the relativity of truth, subjectivity, anti-rationality and social relations are not just a single perspective that can influence the behavior of the majority. Be confident to represent the community as a lifestyle, social status and personal expectations.

Earn a portion of the prize when a WHALE owner resells the WHALE.

Collection as investment
Contribute in early stage investment opportunities on exclusive blockchain projects through Whalebe Venture. Whalebe Venture is a hedge fund with an interest in both blockchain-based ventures and different forms of crypto and digital currency. It primarily targets early-stage VC and seed round deals.
NFT holders will automatically be able to invest in every project funded by Whalebe Venture ( Please check our roadmap ).