Hello World — Whalebe Is Here

It’s okay if you haven’t heard about Whalebe, because we have not been publish anything about Whalebe. In fact we’ve been flying extremely under the radar throughout the past month. So it’s time for our first blog post, which will be the first of a series of many updates that we will share with you along our journey.

What’s Whalebe ?

Whalebe is community driven project that aims to built the biggest community of blockchain and crypto influencers. Whalebe allows any project to set token-denominated incentives for community members who offer value to the ecosystem.

What’re The Benefit For Blockchain Project ?

  1. Increase Brand Awareness — Leveraging nano-influencers, to take a part in promotion campaign and share everything about the platform across social channel
  2. Product review — Leveranging nano-influencers, collect a feedback and use it to build the product
  3. Target adjustment — Set minimum post & engagement amount, ensuring to targets and agenda are followed

What’re The Benefit For Blockchain And Crypto Influencer ?

Content creation is a multi-billion dollar business with a global reach, and blockchain can play a key role ensuring this success is distributed to those who have earned it. With Whalebe everyone in the blockchain and crypto community gets the same opportunity.

We bring a very simple way to earn with social media

  • Pick a campaign
  • Posts on social media
  • Submit your post
  • Withdraw your earnings




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Whale be

Whale be

Unlock New Opportunity

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